NuRideMT is one of the largest owner and operators of multiple fleets consisting of over 500 vehicles to fulfill contracts with institutions and municipalities throughout the greater New York Area. Our innovative technologies foster a reliable, efficient and scalable operation through the implementation of software, apps and management tools. We use multiple facilities to facilitate fleet and shift management.


NuRideMT operates several fleets in the greater New York Area. Our fleets are fully licensed and hold all regulatory certifications.

Access fleets are one of the largest operators of Wheelchair Assessable Vehicles (WAV’s) in the greater New York Area currently expanding to the Tri-State area of New Jersey & Connecticut. Our fleets have played a vital role in achieving the much-needed mobility challenges for the city to improve the lives of individuals with specific needs.

Fleet Management Facilities

Our fleet management facilities are strategically located within the greater New York Area and operated by NuAuto. Highly experienced managers and staff are trained to oversee fleets maintenance, shift planning and asset management.