About Us

NuRideMT is the owner operator of multiple fleets in the areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, providing wheelchair accessible transportation.

The NuRideMT Mission

NuRideMT continues to expand its Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Paratransit and Institutional fleets in order to provide exemplary service. In addition to expanding our fleets we are in the process of establishing state of the art fleet management facilities operated by NuAuto.

We’re also developing technological solutions for the transportation industry. Our fully autonomous dispatch platform, RouteMind is available to service multiple service areas within the complex transportation industry.

The Team

NuRideMT is managed by a team of executives and advisors leading the industry through their unique model and approach. The team boasts knowledge and experience in every aspect of the industry, through management, operations, support services, and by actively participating in developing favorable legislation.